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Day of coordinator

Let's be honest, not everyone can afford to include a full service wedding planner in their budget. Many couples also choose not to hire a wedding planner because they want to plan all of the details from A to Z on their own. However, all couples would benefit from hiring a "Day Of " Coordinator. That said, the term "Day Of" is often misleading, and there is always some confusion as to what this person actually does and doesn't do. Our company is frequently contacted for "Day Of" services, and due to the increasing popularity of this service, it was important to share information with those in the planning stages of their Big Day.

To begin with "day of" actually means month of and sometimes even two months of the special day. Typically, a package will run anywhere between $900 to $4,500, starts six to eight weeks prior to the wedding day and includes a timeline that is constructed with all of the previously hired vendors to make sure that the day unfolds without a hitch. The likelihood is that the vendors have already been hired by the couple, and we will  work with those vendors to ensure all those involved are on the same page. There are times when this can get a little tricky because we have no control over whom was hired and if the vendors are truly professional or not. Unfortunately this may also lead to unresponsive vendors who don't want to work with a wedding coordinator. However, it is the couple's job to make sure that their vendors know we are going to be a part of the coordination process. Nothing is worse than when we have to reach out to a bride and tell her that her makeup artist refuses to return calls and we cannot develop a timeline for the wedding day.


Also included in a "Day Of" coordination package is a team of coordinators that will be present for a final walk through the week of the wedding, as well as at the rehearsal and for the entire wedding day. Typically, only two coordinators are needed, but it really is up to the couple to decide just how much help they will need from us. Sometimes couples request that a coordinator is present with the bride (and groom) all day, as well as available to coordinate at the venue. Of course, this means bringing in three coordinators instead of the typical two. When hiring a "Day Of" Coordinator, it's important that the couple is honest about their needs so that a package can be customized accordingly. The more information we have, the better coordinating we can do.

On the day of the wedding, the "Day Of" Coordinator will make sure that everyone is following the timeline that's been established. We like to ask all of the vendors for their input regarding start times and anything that they need, so that the timeline is a joint effort and not something we just tell them to do. This creates a team environment and for a planner, it helps working with vendors, not against them. As long as the vendors work with the coordinator, and that everyone works as a team, the day will be smooth and stress free.


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